About Ashaa

Ashaa Siewkumar is a yoga and meditation teacher, filmmaker, chocolate lover and Rumi junkie. She is also known for making the best chai in town. For years she was an actress working in Hollywood and she experienced all the anxiety and depression that came with it. Finally, Ashaa decided there had to be more to life – because, after all, there had to be so much more to her.

At that moment, Ashaa gave up struggling to be something she wasn’t and began her journey to becoming who she really is. Having been raised in the Hindu tradition, Ashaa turned to yoga and meditation. They instantly brought her an abundance of peace and tranquility. She became a certified Bikram teacher and then trained at Chopra University in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation.

After years of feeling off-balanced, restless and uncertain of her purpose, Ashaa found a sense of calm and inner wisdom. She discovered the place that rests within each of us that is free of pain and disease. It is where all the answers lie—the answers to who we are and why we are. It is the state of divine connection and we need only to step into it to feel utterly transformed. That feeling may seem fleeting, but it is always there. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, we can return there. We can find peace there. And with time we can remain there as long as we wish, as if we were returning home.

Ashaa’s pursuit of balance is a lifelong journey. She guides others to find it within themselves and in their lives. As a yoga and meditation teacher she conducts private and co-operative sessions in the U.S. and abroad. As a filmmaker she draws attention to the universal rights of women and children, as in the film Carpet Boy, the true story of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani boy who escaped from bonded labor to liberate thousands of children. She is also currently creating Women In Life, a television series where real women discuss the issues that affect them most. She has also teamed up with “Not For Sale”, an organization that fights modern-day slavery around the world.

Look for the documentary Swaha: A Journey of Transformation, produced by Ashaa’s Padma Chakra Productions. The film, shot on location in India, tells the inspiring and uplifting stories of Ashaa Siewkumar, His Holiness Rahuleshwarananji and Kurt Johnson’s journey for peace.

Ashaa hopes you will join her on a journey of discovery to find your own blissful balance.