The Future is in Color

What an eventful year it has been. If your life was a bit hectic, providing for your family or just plain busy with travels and daily adventures, do watch this video, “The Future is in Color”. It is a great reminder of what was and could be.
All it takes is just that one word to resonate within. The tagline from the movie Selma: “One dream can change the world”, is certainly doing wonders for me.
You are the dream. Think. Do.
You are more capable than you can possibly imagine.
I wish that 2015 brings peace and happiness to all beings.

It’s not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle!


Some messages are just what they are: they inspire or shift your consciousness momentarily. Then, there are those that haunt you. This one does for me, in a life-changing way, as if waking up to a day where everything is brighter.


“It’s not a sport. It’s a lifestyle” is one of those videos everyone should watch. It’s brilliant, well-crafted, and has a Powerful Message…


It’s not just a sport It’s a lifestyle!