I am awestruck by this beautiful soliloquy, “MY SOUL HAS A HAT.”   Written by Mario de Andrade (Sao Paolo 1893-1945), a poet, novelist, essayist and musicologist, he was also one of the founders of Brazilian modernism.   I didn’t find this soliloquy. This soliloquy found me. All the feelings I’ve been trying to verbalize are summed up in this prose, for I have been feeling disillusioned by certain events and by certain people I’ve invited into in my life.   You know when you get to that point when you’re just done… when you’re done with the games and the BS???
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For My Mama – Rock Me to Sleep

As Mother’s day is here again, how I hunger for the affection from my mama. I crave to hear her call my name, “Ash”, with that hallow girlish tone that used to bring a huge smile to my face. Whatever was bothering me at the moment would disappear.   I stumbled upon this beautiful poem below (Rock me to Sleep) and, after reading the first line (Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight), a stab of pain jolted through me. Tears immediately followed. Reflecting back on a lifetime of memories, I have to say it’s been an extraordinary journey
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